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Adult Education


The goal of the Kol Tikvah Adult Education program is to provide insight, understanding, and education regarding topics that touch on Jewish life.  Our courses run the gamut from Torah study, to the place of Jews in society, perspectives on God, and a book club focused on Jewish themes. Additionally, we strive to meet the secular needs and desires of our community by offering classes that touch upon every day topics including financial management, computer literacy, and public school choices. We proudly present many different areas of study making Kol Tikvah a place of religious and educational growth.

Weekly Torah Study

Like Jacob wrestling with the angel in hopes of personal transformation, Rabbi Jon and Rabbi Becky want their students to wrestle with the Biblical text in order to gain new insights that will affect their lives for the better. The Torah is studied through the lens of Reform theology creating a liberal, modern perspective on Judaism’s oldest text. The weekly parasha is the focus though occasionally a Jewish holiday will be the lesson of the day. 


Book Club

Please join us if you loved the book, couldn’t stand the book, or haven’t read the book! Members only. All meetings are held from 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm.


Monthly Classes

From cooking to music to writing to playing, we have classes to satisfy everyone's interest!


Adult Education Registration 2020

Wed, April 1 2020 7 Nisan 5780