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Adult Education


The goal of the Kol Tikvah Adult Education program is to provide insight, understanding, and education regarding topics that touch on Jewish life.  Our courses run the gamut from Torah study, to the place of Jews in society, perspectives on God, and a book club focused on Jewish themes. Additionally, we strive to meet the secular needs and desires of our community by offering classes that touch upon every day topics including financial management, computer literacy, and public school choices. We proudly present many different areas of study making Kol Tikvah a place of religious and educational growth.

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  • Thursday ,
    MayMay  13 , 2021
    The Impact of Torah on the American Legal System
    Thursday, May 13th 7:00p to 8:30p
    Kol Tikvah's Scholar in Residence, Rabbi Cookie Lea Olshein: Many people are surprised to learn how significantly the Hebrew Bible has impacted our modern American laws and the structure of our legal system. Taught by Rabbi Cookie Lea Olshein, a practicing lawyer in Las Vegas before entering rabbinical school, this course will teach you both the similarities and the differences between ancient Jewish law and our modern legal system, and will include a mix of Bible, history, and how laws develop over time. This class meets May 13, 20, 27.



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Weekly Torah Study
Kol Tikvah Clergy and Congregant led

If If there is one word that describes Kol Tikvah’s weekly Torah study it is “wrestling.” Like Jacob wrestling with the angel in hopes of personal transformation, our clergy want their students to wrestle with the Biblical text in order to gain new insights that will affect their lives for the better. The Torah is studied through the lens of Reform theology creating a liberal, modern perspective on Judaism’s oldest text.The weekly parasha is the focus, though occasionally a Jewish holiday will be the lesson of the day. In July and August, the class is congregant led. Feel free to bring your lunch. Coffee is provided. Classes are on Mondays from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm. No Torah Study on Jewish and secular holidays.
Cost: Free for members; First 4 classes are free for non-members, then $18 fee per session. No pre-registration required.
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Kol Tikvah Book Club

Moderated by Lisa Hanish
Please join us if you loved the book, couldn’t stand the book, or haven’t read the book!  Members only. Held from 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm.
Cost: No fee. RSVP is required to Lisa at

Winter / Spring Adult Education Classes 

Ethical  Dilemmas: Jewish Wisdom For When There May Not Be One Right Answer
Sam Klein, Religious School Director
January 2021

Join our Religious School Director Sam Klein to explore fascinating ethical dilemmas through the Jewish lens, diving into ancient texts and modern stories for various perspectives. Participate in a rich discussion and learn with the community. He welcomes your own topic suggestions! Please send them at least a week in advance of class to .
Open to members and non-members. 

Healthy Eating and Weight Management
Lisa Sage, MPH
Learn about healthy eating habits, importance of exercise, & things you can do for weight management for overall health benefits. You will learn how to change behaviors and gain skills to improve your health & lifestyle.

Writer's Workshop
Rabbi Jon Hanish
For the 7th year, screenwriter Alex Litvak and Rabbi Jon Hanish will lead a writer’s workshop. Past classes have focused on writing contemporary midrash (Jewish stories based on the Bible) and reflections on mourning and memory, High Holy Days, and Passover. This year, the class will focus their writing on the transition from one life stage to another as they correspond to Jewish lifecycle rituals such as birth, circumcision, naming, Bnai Mitzvah, marriage, illness, and death. Students are expected to write, to share, to listen to each others’ critiques, and to offer their assistance and suggestions to their classmates. Class size is limited so that each student is able to share one piece of work during each class session. First priority is given to past students and to members.
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Thu, May 13 2021 2 Sivan 5781