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Archived Streams



Shabbat 4.23


Yom Ha Atzmaut Shabbat- Join Erev Rav Sam Klein and Cantor Noa for Israel's Birthday Celebration and Shabbat!


Yom HaShoah Shabbat


Passover Chametzfest and Havdalah

Passover Yizkor and Shabbat Services 4/2/2021




Second Night Passover Seder! Join us!



Shabbat Shalom! Services before Passover on March 26. 



High School Shabbat!  Join our High School Students, Educators Sam Klein, Samantha Duenas and Jade Goldstein- Abronson



Jazz Shabbat with Cantor Noa and Shai Shaashua and Rabbi Jon Hanish




Mystic Shabbat on 3/5/21



Purim Shabbat with Rabbi Jon, Cantor Noa, Erev Rav Sam Klein, Samantha Duenas and our teens!



Middle School Led Shabbat with Rabbi Jon, Cantor Noa and Shai Shaashua, Erev Rav Sam Klein and Samantha Duenas. Enjoy this inspriring service led by our youth!



LEV Shabbat! Shabbat celebrating love with Rabbi Jon and Cantor Noa!


Friday, February 5 is Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Shabbat. Join Rabbi Jon, Cantor Noa and Shai Shaashua with special guest speaker, Lisa Sage. 


Shabbat Shalom! Celebrating Tu B'Shevat and Shabbat with Rabbi Jon, Cantor Noa and Shai Shaashua. Special Speaker, Dr. Loraine Lundquist and readings from our youth leaders.  Mazel Tov to Dominic Margolis on his Bar Mitzvah.



Shabbat Shalom from our Religious School students, directors and clergy!


Freedom Shabbat Honoring Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

Led by Rabbi Jon Hanish and Cantor Noa and Shai Shaashua.



Shabbat Services with Rabbi Jon, Erev Rav Sam Klein, and Cantorial Soloist Joel Stein. January 8, 2020






Happy New Year! Our first Shabbat of 2021 with Erev Rabbi Sam Klein and Cantorial Soloist Joel Stein. 


Musical Services on December 25 with Cantor Noa and Shai Shaashua


Happy Chanukah and Shabbat Shalom!  Community Celebration Friday, December 11

Kabbalat Shabbat with Erev Rav Sam Klein, Rabbinic Intern Jade Goldstein-Abronson, Cantor Noa and Shai Shaashua.




Mystic Quest Shabbat



Veteran's Day and Family Shabbat



Community Meeting and Mitzvot Discussion

Join Rabbi Jon Hanish, Cantor Noa Shaashua, Erev Rav Sam Klein and Shana Gee-Cohen. for our Equality Shabbat Service. With beautiful music, reflective readings, and prayer, you are given a chance to enter shabbat with equality in your heart. Gee-Cohen’s comments are titled, “And He Appeared! How my Catholic wife became my Jewish husband”.


Tales of the Supernatural Shabbat Rabbi Jon Hanish and Cantor Noa Shaashua lead shabbat services with a focus on supernatural tales found within Jewish folklore in honor of Halloween. Shabbat kabbalat prayer cantor sing shalom jewish halloween supernatural dybbuk ghost golem witch demon





Women's League of Voters Speaker Marsha Schwartz: Discussion of Proposition


Shabbat Shalom- October 16, 2020




Simchat Torah and Shabbat Services



Sukkot Yizkor


Sukkot and Havdallah


Sukkot and Family Shabbat 


Shabbat Services September 11, 2020 with Rabbi Jon and Cantor Noa



Shabbat Services with Rabbi Jon, Cantor Noa and Religious School Director, Sam Klein

September 4, 2020

Bar Mitzvah of Cache Kidder! Mazel Tov


Shabbat Services 8/28/2020 Rabbi Jon Hanish and Cantor Noa Shaashua lead shabbat service with a focus on Elul.


Congressman Brad Sherman Speaks to Kol Tikvah about the Post Office situation, and the Israel/ UAE Peace Agreement. 8/24/2020 at 5:30 pm 

Shabbat Services with Sam Klein and Cantor Noa Shaashua August 21, 2020

Shabbat Services August 14

Community Meeting with Senator Henry Stern



Tu B'Av Shabbat


Shabbat Services July 31 - Tisha B'Av


Weekly Check In with Guest Speaker Kim Bunnell from NAMI

Shabbat Services July 27



Shabbat Service July 17th



Community Meeting with Speaker Amy Cecil from the Jewish World Watch




Shabbat Shalom!  Services on June 19, 2020 Reflecting on Juneteenth

Monday Community Check in with Travel Tips from Susan Reder at FROSCH

Pride Shabbat 6/5/2020

Community Check in: June 1, 2020

Shabbat Services May 29, 2020


Shavuot Yizkor Services May 29, 2020



Shabbat Services - May 22, 2020


Monday Community Meeting




Community Meeting at 5:30  with  Special Speaker Jay Sanderson, Jewish Federation

Tzedakah Teens and Family Shabbat Services

Monday Congregational Check in live HERE!



SHABBAT SERVICES APR 24 - Yom HaAtzmaut Shabbat Service : Friday, May 1 @ 6:30 pm

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Archived Services:


March 27 Shabbat 

March 20 Shabbat


March 13 Shabbat   


If you would like to follow along with an online siddur  (Prayer Book) ,

CLICK HERE for a copy of the Mishkan T'filah


If you are looking for Shabbat Dinner Blessings at home.. watch and follow the video below from our Night of 18 Shabbats. 

Mon, October 25 2021 19 Cheshvan 5782