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In times like this, it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, yet we persevere. We look for the light, we look for the good, and when we harness our strength, our Hazak, together we find Hope, Tikvah.  Kol Tikvah is a community full of Hazak and full of Tikvah.  We thank all of our members for supporting each other during this time, for sharing stories of light, of hope and of joy. 

A strong Jewish Community stems from its strong commitment to its future. There are many ways you can help strengthen our legacy of hope for our members and future generations to come.

We share with you that our Development Goal for 2020-2021 is $500,000.  This is met each year through event participation, sponsorships, gifts of all sizes (no gifts are too small and all are appreciated).


High Holy Day Appeal Matching 

Our High Holy Day Appeal is a springboard to our annual giving.  This year, a group of generous donors created a matching fund to help us achieve our initial goal of $80,000. 
At the High Holy Days, all gifts are greatly appreciated and help us to build on our legacy at Kol Tikvah.  To receive a match for your donation, please give $360 or higher this year.  (Monthly payments are accepted) 

Click here for your ANNUAL APPEAL


Hazak Donor Fund
Help us build during this time 

Hazak Donors give a minimum of $1,800 annually (which can include appeal funds and sponsorships)

Hazak Donor Benefits:
  • Name recognition in newsletters, all publications of all events
  • Priority Seating at Gala in May 2021 (ticket not included)
  • Hazak Donor Wine and Dinner Reception in June 2021 
  • #koltikvahstrong Knowing you are contributing to your Jewish community in a time of need. We are stronger together.

Help us continue to grow while we keep our community safe and strong. 





Never closed, ALWAYS here for you
Voice of Strength  (Kol Hazak)
Voice of Hope (Kol Tikvah)



Thu, May 13 2021 2 Sivan 5781