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Mitzvah Day November 1, 2020

It's gonna be a new kind of Mitzvah Day!

Come to our lower lot on Sunday, November 1, 2020 at 11:30 to participate in our ANNUAL MITZVAH DAY... this year is unlike any other and these organizations need our love and support more than ever!

Here is how it will work this year- we plan to make the same amount of donated activities as we always do, we just had to get creative on how to get these vital projects to you... so we are going to have a...

Sam2 explain Mitzvah Day!  Join the Fun!

Drive Thru pick-up @ 11:30 am on Nov. 1

  1. Pick up Mitzvah Project kits with all the supplies you need to create 6 different projects for each of these very important organizations. 
  2. Please take as many kits as you are able to complete but no more so we can try to meet our goal in our donations for each organization. 
  3. We are also making Mitzvah Collections for 3 of our community partners.  See below what they each need.
  4.   RETURN completed Mitzvah Project Kits and Mitzvah Collections donations on November 15.

Help us support these very important organizations!

Each kit is intended for (1) person's Mitzvah Day Projects- 6 projects for a day of Mitzvah!
 Paracord bracelets for soldiers and 1st responders (teens- adult)
Cards for soldiers- kit comes with folded blank card paper
Optional: Halloween Candy donations- fill the Ziploc with any extra candy you can spare!
Friends of IDF Kit Includes:
Cards for Israeli Soldiers- kit comes with folded blank card paper
My Stuff Bags Kit Includes:
Material and instructions to make a blanket for kids in crisis. (parent supervised: requires scissors, no sewing required)
Best Friends Animal Society Kit Includes:
You will receive materials and direction to make (1) dog toy and (1) cat toy per kit

Each year in preparation for Mitzvah Day, we usually have collections to help supply us with the sorting projects we do as a group for the following organizations. This year, we are asking each family unit to fill (1) bag for each of these 3 projects.
West Valley Food Pantry:  You will receive a bag and a shopping list to provide Thanksgiving sides for a family in need.  This project is intended to be (1) per household but you are welcome to complete as many as you are able.  1 in 5 families in Los Angeles are food insecure.  Please help if you can.
If you want to plan ahead, here is the list:
Boxed stuffing
Boxed mashed potatoes
Canned gravy
Pie crust mix
Canned apple or pumpkin pie filling
Canned green beans
Canned yams
Boxed corn bread mix
Canned cranberry sauce

Sisters on the Street:  We are collecting feminine products and sanitary necessities:  Please donate (1) box or package of feminine products per family.
LA Family Housing: You will receive a Ziploc and a list to create (1) hygiene kit per Mitzvah Day Kit.  Please fill (1) bag with a complete kit if you are able or fill with what you are comfortable giving.  To get a heads start the hygiene kit needs are FULL sizes of the following
1 toothbrush
liquid or bar soap
shaving cream
On November 15, 2020 11:30 am  Mitzvah project return drive-thru.   Bring back all of your completed donations for these well deserved organizations and join in our car rally celebration of service! More info on the drop off event to come. 
If you have any questions, contact the temple office at 818-348-0670. 
Thank you to our Mitzvah Day Kit sponsors:   (if you are able, please consider sponsoring 2 kits for $18. The more sponsors we have the more mitzvahs we can make!)
Erfan and Lawrence Marks                                          Jacob and Shira Scherb
Karen and Adam Friedman                                         Robert and Terri Mulein
Steven and Ronda Kalan                                              Mike and Laura Roman
Brin and Matthew Pime                                               Sandy Banner
Faith Whitman                                                                 Mara and Wayne Schulman
Chris Kidder and Kim Sklar
Loree Zeller                                                                         Trader Joe's Woodland Hills
Each set is intended for (1) person's day of projects.  Please only order the amount you will complete.
Thank you for your generosity


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