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Religious Practices

The Religious Practices Committee (also sometimes referred to as the Worship Committee or Ritual Committee) works with the clergy to explore issues surrounding the religious life of the congregation and to enhance the spiritual aspects of synagogue life. We help coordinate the High Holy Day services, as well as services for festivals and Shabbat. A few times during the year, when the Rabbi and Cantor are away, the Committee coordinates lay-led Shabbat services.

This year, we will be working on the creation of a congregational Megillah to become a valued part of the congregation for generations to come. We will be working with a Torah scribe, as well as artists to create a scroll to be enjoyed each year at Purim, which will also provide the opportunity for every member to feel they have contributed to the creation of this unique treasure.

The Committee will also look into a new Youth Prayer book, as well as a new High Holy Day Machzor in the near future. Throughout our work, we strive to provide spirituality and “soul” to our religious observances.

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Tue, September 28 2021 22 Tishrei 5782