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Mission Statement:

Kol Tikvah’s Tzedakah Teen’s goal is to raise money in order to protect and educate about women’s reproductive rights nationwide to create a more equal future for all, which simultaneously addresses the overpopulation crisis affecting climate change.

The Why?

The struggle for some to gain women’s reproductive rights has affected so many individuals around the world; the fight for women’s reproductive rights has become a pressing issue in the press and many women’s lives. In fact, the abortion laws in Texas state that women can not have an abortion after six weeks into their pregnancy. Women should have the right to choose what goes on in their bodies, which is why reproductive rights need to be protected and amended to make sure women get to choose. Women’s reproductive rights are an important part of their self-identity and it is important that we protect those rights in order to make a more fair and equal society for all. 

The How?

Throughout the year, the Tzedakah Teens will be having multiple fundraisers such as restaurant events, See's Candies sales, having a booth at the Kol Tikvah Community Chanukah Boutique, and more.

Donate directly through our website below! We really appreciate all of the donations whether it be big or small.

Click the donate button to help our teens achieve their fundraising goal for this year.


*The Tzedakah Teens Board has been offered a matching grant donation to help with their cause. 

Upcoming Events

See's Candies Yum-Raising Event, Click Here to order your candy today! 

Fri, August 12 2022 15 Av 5782