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Welcome to Kol Tikvah!

From the moment you walk through our doors, you will be treated like a welcomed member of the family.

We are a modern progressive Reform Jewish community and everyone is welcome. We connect congregants to a community that cares for one another.

Please enter your membership information:

Please fill out this form completely. Once your membership information is submitted to our database, you will be able to confirm or update your Kol Tikvah account information at any time within our member portal (including additional addresses, business contact information, family information, yarzheits and more).

Member 1 Information

   Member 2 Information

Household Information

This section is for families with children. If you do not have children in your household, please skip to the next section. Please enter every child in your family, whether they will be enrolling in our schools or not. 

*If you have more than 3 children, please send an email to with their information.
If yes, a member of the Religious School Staff will contact you shortly.

Photo Release
Kol Tikvah would like to use a photo of you or your child for marketing and in house purposes with your permission.

*In house use examples: end-of-year slideshow, Chodesh retreat slideshows, etc.; Marketing purposes examples: brochure, flyers, website, postcards, Instagram, etc.

Like all synagogues, Kol Tikvah relies on contributions from every family to support our general operations, hire staff, run and maintain programs and to sustain our community.  This year, we understand life has changed for many of you, and we want to help make joining a Temple Community a much more tangible option for everyone. 

We are happy to offer all first year members, at any level a suggestion contribution of $1,800 for households with one adult, $2,500 for households with 2 adults. 

We recognize many of you may need further assistance, and if this applies to you, simply choose the financial assistance request box and a Senior Staff member will contact you to further discuss your arrangement. 

If you are able to give more, please consider joining our Hazak Circle, (Circle of Strength)

Please note when choosing your commitment level that school tuition and the mandatory annual security fee are in addition to your membership commitment. 

Hazak Circle Annual Membership Gift Contributions
(Includes Membership)

Hazak Circle - $5,400
 Includes $1,800 Hazak Circle donation and invitation to Hazak Circle Event 

Tikvah Society - $7,200
Includes $1,800 High Holy Day Donor Match, $1,800 Hazak Circle donation and Tikvah Designation at Hazak Circle Event

Tikvah Sustainer - $10,800
Includes $3,600 High Holy Day Donor Match, $3,600 Hazak Circle donation and Tikvah Sustainer Designation at Hazak Circle Event

Tikvah Guardian - $18,000
Includes $10,000 High Holy Day Donor Match, $5,000 Hazak Circle donation, Upper Lot Parking and Tikvah Guardian Designation at Hazak Circle Event


Kol Tikvah Annual Family Contribution - $3,600 
Our annual budget is based on $3,600 per member family contribution. If you are able to give at this level, please consider it regardless of your membership type. We ask that you give at the highest level that is meaningful to you and your family.

NEW! Kehillah Membership Contribution - $4,800 Annual
Includes annual membership plus welcome a new family to join our community for one year. They will get all the benefits of being a temple member, and you can host them as a welcoming family. 

Annual Contribution For Special Categories - $1,800 single, $2,500 2 adult 

  • 1st year new member
  • Families with a child under 2nd grade
  • Seniors over 65
  • Families the year following their last B’nai Mitzvah (1 Year) $1,800

Associate Membership Contribution - $1,200
This membership is available to families living outside of certain zip codes and/or belong to other synagogue as their primary synagogue.

ECC Family Contribution - $1,000 (on ECC Registration only)

Young Adult Membership Contribution - Cost of Security Fee Only ($450)  
Adults under age 35; single or married; no children. Annual Contributions begin to increase each year after 35, adding $500 per year until the age of 40.



Everyone Is Welcome

For more information, please feel free to contact the temple office at 818.348.0670 

or email Melanie Fisher at

 At our core there resides a single idea... simcha... joy...



Sun, May 15 2022 14 Iyar 5782